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Duress Alarms for Lone Workers

Mass Notification for Emergencies

Why Use the ePanicButton?

Because it can meet your every need :

  • An "I need support" message for low-level confrontations that be de-escalated by a manager

  • Medical Assistance messages for those facing health related issues

  • Notify thousands in seconds for any Emergency Broadcasts or Mass Notification

It is entirely customizable for your specific needs and emerging concerns

How It Works


Send Instant Messages to Anywhere, from Anywhere

Notify anyone, anywhere with a text, emails and/or audible, desktop alerts. Notice something suspicious at the office but nobody’s around? Alert everyone immediately.

Customize Buttons and Messages for Specific or Emerging Needs.

You can have any range of buttons with unique messages and recipient lists, all from an online dashboard.

Establish Multiple Groups for Different Offices or Roles

For organizations with different locations, set up unique set of local receivers. Also, you can set up groups for different roles, giving certain buttons (i.e., campus wide lockdown) to administrators.

How Does ePanicButton Work?

The ePanicButton is a client-server application that runs on PC workstations to send desktop alerts, text messages and emails to anyone you designate.

  • Segment your contact groups for different notifications and alerts.

  • Set up your ePanicButtons with unique messages for different recipients and events.

  • Send instant alerts by one click of an ePanicButton. Responders discreetly alert the sender to confirm receipt of alert.

“Our receptionists feel reassured that if there is ever an emergency and they need help, it is a simple click away. ePanic Button’s desktop alerts with email and text notification options provide multiple paths to send alerts. With the customizable notifications, it’s easy to ensure all necessary information is getting out to those who need to know. ePanic Button has been easy to deploy and support. Their technical support is quick to respond. It’s an easy and affordable solution that provides peace of mind.”


Sam LaRoche, Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP

Senior Man
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