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bombs for clicks

They believe in something. Enough to kill people, including themselves. Federal authorities arrested a NY man in his 50’s for plotting to blow himself up with a 200 lbs bomb on the Washington Mall on election day. While this may seem entirely mad, there is a rationale that motivated his behavior. He wanted to draw […]

Female Shooters

In the aftermath of the YouTube headquarters shooting where we had the rare occurrence of a female active shooter, there was a proliferation of articles and posts indicating how rare these incidents are, suggesting “toxic masculinity” as a source of this horrible violence. This approach may be detrimental to real prevention efforts as comparing the different […]

Statistics, public policy and personal responsibility

Amid the fervor regarding the student walk-out protest and gun control legislative initiatives, I would like to point out a perspective rarely seen in the news or  social media. As public policy has broad control over the population as a whole, these decisions should naturally be based on well-researched studies that accurately determine what is […]