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Bystander Interventions Can Save the Day

It is not always about guards and guns. It is about doing something to help when you see the need. 17-year-old Malyk Bonnet did just that on his way home from work in Quebec. Bonnet noticed an arguing couple at a bus stop and intuitively felt that the woman was in danger. She was. According […]

Regal Cinemas Bag Check

Regal Entertainment Group, the largest movie chain with over 550 theaters, started checking the bags of their patrons in response to recent movie theater assaults. There has been a recent string of violence in movie theaters: In Lafayette, Louisiana, two people were killed and seven wounded during a showing of the comedy “Trainwreck.” In Nashville, […]

Mass Notification of off-campus events

Early in 2016, Uber driver, Jason Dalton, went on a shooting spree which included areas within a couple of miles of Western Michigan University campus. However, as Western Michigan University’s notification system was not activated for this event, many members felt that they should have been informed. One senior began a petition pushing for changes […]

“Triggers” for an Active Shooting

Photo by Lunde Studio : https://lundestudio.com/blogs/ On February 25th, 2016, Cedric Ford went on a rampage, killing 3 co-workers and injuring 14 others at Excel Industries in Hesston, KS. As it has been well established, shooters like Ford do not simply “snap” but are under a great amount of pressure and stress that can reach […]

Suicide is the Greatest Danger

Just this week, an employee was found dead in a conference room next to a gun at the Apple’s California Headquarters in Cupertino. This came a day after a shocking decline in Apple’s stock price following their first ever decline in revenue in 13 years. It is unlikely that this incident will get much coverage. […]

Healthcare 2nd Most Dangerous Industry

You are probably wondering which is the first, and as some of you may have guessed, it is law enforcement. However, we could argue that healthcare experiences the most cases of workplace violence, as the violence that law enforcement officers face from apprehending criminals does not really qualify. Enforcing the law inherently involves antagonism and […]

Lockdown Fatigue

A disturbing news article described one professor’s response to the active shooter crisis at UCLA this week. The event occurred during one of the worst times, during finals, prompting Professor Vivian Lew to suggest to her students that they complete the exam in another area regardless of the lockdown mass notification. Despite later claiming that […]

Is there an Epidemic of Mass Shootings?

We have witnessed the worst mass shooting in American history. When Omar Mateen killed 50 people in a nightclub in Orlando, the anger, the fear and the remorse resounded throughout our country. At the news, a common reaction was “not again”. The horrific number of victims has led people to believe that there is a […]

Domestic Abuse as Warning Sign of Mass Shooters

In the aftermath of the Orlando Pulse tragedy, much investigation and speculation went into the history and motives of the shooter, Omar Mateen. One discovery may be a common trait among mass shooters – he had a history of domestic abuse. Sitora Yusufiy, his ex-wife, has given numerous interviews, describing the abuse. Although there were […]